Elizabeth B. Brown

Elizabeth Brown is a teacher, speaker and the author of the popular Living Successfully with Screwed-Up People, Surviving the Loss of a Child, and Working Successfully with Screwed-Up People. Her books offer practical helps for healing hearts, as well as tools to turn around ailing relationships. She offers hope and suggestions that shine light in the chaos swirling around difficult life issues. Elizabeth assures you that you can find JOY, in spite of curves life may throw at you. When dealing with someone who causes your emotions to spin, she assures you that the person who is obtrusive, uncooperative, and unreasonable chooses his behavior. You, also, can choose- choose to be unflappable, imperturbable, and unflustered.

Elizabeth has provided workshops on grief around the country. "Today," she laughs, "the seminars are on a much lighter subject- SUPS, an unfortunate label our emotions scream when we are trying to be heard, appreciated, or seek co-operation with a difficult person in our workplace or family." The great news is through her books and seminars, you can find tools to free you to find humor, joy, and freedom in the midst of relationship strangleholds or life tragedies.


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